Descendants of Hans George Diehl, through Peter Diehl of York PA, through Henry Jacob Deal who worked and married Melvina Walters in Paducah, KY, and later settled in Charleston, Mississippi County, MO and who also had intersts at Diehlstat, Scott County, MO, and through Henry's son John Daniel Deal 1869-1904.   H.J. Deal was a significant leader in his community and in the State of Missouri. An amazing man.

Legend has it that an itinerant sign painter was to paint the Diehl name over the entrance to the Diehl business at Paducah Kentucky, where Henry J. Diehl located for a time, and not knowing better painted Deal, and from then on, that branch of this large family has spelled their name Deal.

Diehl Links
Peter Diehl Bio  - per rootsweb
Peter Diehl Pedigree - on Familysearch         --- Peter Diehl House, pre Civil War 
                                                                                                                                                         in New Oxford, Pennsylvania

Henry Jacob Deal -- Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri Biographies of Mississippi County, 1888
                                      also in Goodspeed's   Edwin P. Deal son of H.J., and Edwin J. Deal a nephew of H.J.
                                      as well as mention H.J.'s siblings, mostly in Pennsylvania.

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1-Hans George Diehl (1664-)
sp: Anna Catharina Hertz (1668-)
    2-Hans Adam Diehl (12 Sep 1690-16 Apr 1755)
    sp: Maria Catharine Kreische (1691-)
        3-Johan Daniel Diehl (1714-23 Mar 1762)
        sp: Anna Maria Elizabetha Simon (abt 1718-)
            4-John George Diehl (7 Mar 1740-28 Jul 1804)
            sp: Anna Eva Liebenstein (7 Apr 1753-19 Oct 1835)
                5-Daniel Diehl (27 Mar 1775-5 Mar 1842)
                sp: Rosana or Rosina Ehrhardt (19 Mar 1781-20 Feb 1847)
                    6-Peter Diehl (23 Apr 1802-13 Apr 1867)
                    sp: Anna Maria Smyser (abt 1802-)
                        7-Henry Jacob Diehl (1829-1891)
                        sp: Melvina Walters dau of Hardin P. and Mary R. (Locke) Walters, of Paducah KY
                            8-John Daniel Deal (1870-Sep 1904)
                            sp: Ella Minnie Goodin (Aug 1883-Feb 1972)
                                9-Mary Deal (-)
                                sp: Harvey Ernest Drake (13 Oct 1907-10 Jun 1973)
                                    10-Margaret Bruton Drake (-)
                                    sp: William Wilson II McNeary (-)
                                        11-Mary Ella McNeary
                                        sp: Tsunemi Yamashita
                                        11-William Wilson III McNeary
                                        sp: Charlotte Ann Slaten
                                        11-Harvey Drake McNeary
                                    10-Mary Ella Drake (-)
                                    sp: John Garnet Waggener
                                        11-John Garnet Jr. Waggener
                                        sp: Karen Krutzinger
                                        11-Harvey Drake Waggener
                                        11-Robert Donnell Waggener
                                        11-Mary Deal Waggener
                                9-Johnnie Deal (1905-1905)
                            8-Edwin P Diehl (1870-) Charleston, MO
                            sp: Mary Crenshaw dau of Joseph and Martha (Bridwell) Crenshaw
                                9-Nellie Diehl (-)
                                sp: Buckner Ragsdale (-)
                                    10-Mary Sue Ragsdale (-)
                                    sp: Frank Bier (-)
                                        11-Dorothy Bier (-)
                                9-Ida Diehl (-)
                       7- Martin Diehl
                       7- Israel Diehl (minister to Batavia under Lincoln)
                        Sp: Mrs. Anna Randall (the great elocutionist)
                       7- Jeremiah
                           Sp: Isabel Albright
                            8- Worthington
                            8- William A. (lived in Charleston, MO)
                            8- Ida
                             Sp: James Ross
                            8- Anna M
                            8- Edwin J (Jan 24, 1863) Attorney Charleston MO
                            8- May S.
                                Sp: Frank Blocher
                            8- Laura
                            8- Amber
                       7- Andrew
                       7- Edwin
                       7- Charles
                       7- Sarah
                           Sp: Emanuel Hull
                       7 Louisa
                           Sp: Amos Louck
                       7- Anna M.
                           Sp:David Peters
                       7- Elvira
                           Sp: Henry Snell

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