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Londonderry McNearys

Matthew of Magheramore
b 1794
Nicholas of Magheramore
James of  Magheramore

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Mettican - John&R

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Matthew James of Luney

Thomas of Goran
William (pre Garvagh Bakery)
James of Limavady and Moville

McNearys in Ulster Covenant 1912
McNearys in Ulster Cov - grouped

McNearys found various places
not linked to known families

Other Irish McNearys
Killybeg McNearys  (John&Bridget)

(per Robin Fansler)
McNearys in Australia
McNearys in Canada
McNearys in Scotland
McNeary families, in U.Schildr

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My other Irish Families
      Wilson - Woodburn etc
      Courtney - Lennox

My Green family roots
C Clay Green

Green Ancestors
and Descendants

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Peggy's  Families

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Download easy meditation for children zen

download easy meditation for children zen

childrchildr download easy meditation for children zendownload easy meditation for children zen is a genealogically oriented site, where information is posted on the McNeary and related families..  There were at least eight, and perhaps a dozen or more McNeary family groups near Garvagh in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Those Londonderry McNearys for whom we have several genereations of descendants are reached by links in left column. Over the years many emigrated to the US, Canada, Australia and other places. 

Other McNeary families, other McNeary-like named families, and other ancestral families of mine are, or will be, on this site, most linked on the left column.

Please feel free to contact me  and please put the name McNeary in the subject line of your email.  Currently the side bar links to most of my pages.  

In the 1700-1800 and early 1900s, the name McNeary is found in Scotland, Ireland, the United States, England and Australia.  There are still a very few McNeary named persons in the UK, but none of which we are aware in Northern Ireland.  The origins of the family are likely in Scotland, although the largest concentration in early times that I can find was in CO Londonderry, and in the earliest years close to the town of Garvagh.  The McNearys I am most familiar with lived first in the townland Magheramore and later in Tirkeeran.    A primary information source is the Bann Valley website by Richard Torrens, mainly in the 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church visitation lists and in several of the church marriage, baptisim records, and graveyards, including 1st Garvagh Presbyterian, Aghadowey Presbyterian, Aghadowey COI, and Moneydig. 

The earliest McNeary we know of was James Mackkenary listed as a tenant at Tirkeeran in the 1726 Pyke's Survey for Aghadowey Parish, CO Londonderry.    Next we find three McNeary households at Magheramore in the 1796 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Visitation lists, headed by Matthew, Nicholas and James.  My great great grandfather, born in 1794, is shown on that 1796 list as Matthew Jr.  My Great Grandfather James Rentoul McNeary, son of Matthew Jr and Sara Paul,. was born at Magheramore.  J. R. had a house built at Tirkeeran in 1892, and moved his family in from adjacent townland Kurin.   In the spring of 2006, Peggy and I visited the Garvagh area and were pleased to be able to go into that once fine home, just before it was demolished.  We had a great trip and a wonderful time - click here to see our Garvagh visit page.  

I have been been referring to my McNeary group as the Garvagh McNearys, however the Garvagh area hosted most McNeary groups.  Since ours built the house at Tirkeeran and named the home Tirkeeran, I will refer to them/us as the Tirkeeran McNearys, who are one of the Magheramore McNeary groups.   James Rentoul McNeary and his wife Margaret Wilson (daughter of William Wilson of Ballyagan) had ten children.  James R's parents were Matthew McNeary of Magheramore and Sara Paul, who had six children.   Of these, Matthew (born 1794) was the only one to have children, as far as I know.  Click here to see the descendants of Matthew McNeary born 1794

Other Londonderry McNeary families:  (pages will be posted on each group that we see -- here's some of what we have now)
        I will appreciate any help I can get on the families that follow - I think they are all related, but I don't have sufficient information to prove it
        It would be very helpful to locate living descendants of each of these groups, so we can get more current
        +++ indicates contact with at least one living descendant
Descendants of Nicholas McNeary of Magheramore (household 1796 at Magheramore)   +++
Descendants of James McNeary of Magheramore (household 1796 at Magheramore)
Descendants of John McNeary (b1795) of Mettican, who married Jane
Descendants of Reynold or Randal McNeary of Mettican, and son John (b1828) who married Mary Jane Kane
Descendants of James McNeary (b1839) and Elizabeth McLoughlin of Limavady   +++
Descendants of Matthew James McNeary (b 1807) of Luney and Mary McCraken
Descendants of Thomas McNeary (bax1776) of Gorran
Descendants of William McNeary (bax1779) father of Matthew who married Elizabeth Woodburn, ultimately the bakery folks @ Garvagh
Descendants of James Sr of Magheramore, and his son James Jr. who married Mary Stewart (probably son of James of 1796 Magheramore household)   ++

McNeary home at Tirkeeran built in 1892, as it was in the spring of 2006.  Marshall, Peggy and I are in the picture.
This was scheduled to be torn down and a new home built.  They intended, I think, to save the tile roof - otherwise little else.

Miscellaneous - (to move later)

Courtney and Lennox ancestry

Richard Courtney and Ann Hall married in Glasgow, Scotland, 23 Jan 1848.  In the early 1860s they came to Ballymena, CO Antrim, where Richard is shown as a manager or an overseer at Braidwater Spinning. He appears to have been there at the begging of the operation. We know of two children, Mary Ann and Andrew Hall Courtney.  Andrew emigrated to Australia, marrying Sarah Gaunt.  We know they had two children, William Gaunt Courtney 1886-1956 and Annie Hall Courtney 1889-1965.  We think they were parents of Richard George Courtney.  William and Richard were both in the WW1. 
Mary Ann courtney married Thomas Lennox 15 April 1870 at St. Patricks COI in Ballymena. 

Their children were Mary Jane, Margaret Courtney, Anna Courtney, Thomas and Samuel.  Mary Jane and Anna emigrated to the US and became nurses.  Mary Jane served as a nurse in the Spanish American War and in France in WW1. Anna worked as a nurse in New Jersey, and CO Londonderry.  Anna married William Wilson McNeary, son of James Rentoul McNeary of Magheramore and Tirkeeran.  Their son was William J L McNeary who married Jane Elizabeth Green, and had three children, William Wilson McNeary II (myself), John M McNeary, and Jane G McNeary.


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